We offer the following services to our clients, who are looking for claim settlements related to medical malpractices. Our teams of lawyers are professionally qualified and have the legal experience to handle the civil suit practices prevailing in Montana.

Our reliable and experienced paralegal staffs put their weight behind the lawyers and thread every point to make sure the medical malpractice claims supported with the required evidence. Experts from our legal firm meet the clinic officials and collect the necessary documents for better, convincing arguments and thus helping to get favorable verdicts.

There are many medical malpractice claims we are handling. However, the following are the main section in the medical malpractice claim, which is very commonly handling by our office.

  1. Misdiagnosis of heart attack or stroke: You might have read many times sufferings of patients due to misdiagnosis and their sufferings throughout their life, which could have been possible to avoid if a proper diagnosis has done at the right moment.  Patients are forced suffer, and we offer our services to get your medical claim.  Our team of experts will collect all the documents and file the case for settlement.

  1. Delayed diagnosis of cancer: Delayed diagnosis will always create a panic situation and patients forced to continue overdose treatment, which is risky.   We can take care of delayed diagnosis issues and file your claim settlement.

  1. Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy: Our experienced attorneys can professionally handle birth injury claims. Birth injuries are always very critical. Birth injuries happen by accident or lack of experience in the field resulting lifelong struggling. Such patients have every right to get medical malpractice compensation. We can put our best foot forward to make your claims honored by the court.

  1. Surgery complications due medical negligence: Surgical errors are unwelcome guests, and it happens as part of inadvertent mistakes.  Though most operations performed in Montana are successful, occasionally mistakes happen, and that will be charging on account of the patient. All related operation, theater, and consultancy fees are payable by the patient. All surgical errors, though it has happened as part of the inadvertent medical negligence of a surgeon, you may be able to file a claim under personal injury compensation claim. At Montana Medical Malpractice Attorneys, our experts will help you to resolve the case and have a speedy claim settlement.

  1. Wrong prescriptions: Diagnosis is an art. However, sometimes even an experienced doctor can make the wrong diagnosis and prescribe wrong medicine. What can you do when you become a victim of wrong prescription and your medical condition put you in a bad shape? The Montana Medical Malpractice compensation law permits you to get medical claims if a wrong medical prescription caused you medical damages.  We are experts in handling medical prescription errors and can represent your case for medical malpractice claims, how severe is the case, even you lost a loved one due to prescription errors.

We have only highlighted the most common medical misconduct issues here. There are many more categories coming under medical malpractice claim that can be handled by our attorneys who have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in dealing with similar cases. Our well-experienced and qualified paralegal staffs come handy in collecting the copies of documents from the concerned clinics and prepare the drafts for representation. We can handle all topics of injuries and damages related medical malpractice.  Contact us for a free consultation.